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Self Publishing: What Is It & How To Self Publish A Book

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  • February 5, 2024
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  • 8 min read



If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name on the cover of a book, self-publish is your way to turning those dreams into reality. Unlike traditional publishing, self-publishing puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to control every aspect of your book’s goal from manuscript to reader.

Whether you’re crafting the next great novel or sharing your expertise in a non-fiction story, self-publish services make it possible. Today, look into the steps to self-publish your book, making the process clear and easy.


Self-publishing means you get to publish your book on your own. You don’t have to wait for big book companies to say yes. It’s like being your boss for your book. You choose what goes on the comic book cover, what words stay inside, and how many people see it. Pretty cool, right?

First off, self-publishing is not as hard as it sounds. Years ago, you needed a lot of money and a big company to help you.

Not anymore!

Now, some websites and services help people publish their books themselves. They are called self-publishing. You can use them to make your book look professional without spending much money.

Also, you get to make all the decisions. You decide on the book cover, the title, and the price.

And the best part?

You keep most of the money when someone buys your book. That’s not usually the case when big companies publish your book.

But self-publishing means you have to do a bit more work. You need to make sure your book looks good and has no mistakes. You might need help from others like artists for your book cover or editors to check your writing. That’s where things like fixed publishing costs come into play. You know you have to pay these costs, like editing or designing your cover.

So, why choose self-publish?

It’s fast, you have full control, and you can make more money. Plus, you get to tell your story your way. Whether it’s a wild adventure, a personal story, or a helpful guide, self-publishing brings your book to readers without waiting for a “yes” from someone else.

Steps to self-publish Your Book

Write Your Book

First, you need a story or information you want to share. This part is all about writing down your ideas. It can be anything: a thrilling adventure, a helpful guide, or even your life story. Just start writing. Don’t worry about making it perfect right now. That comes later.

Edit and Revise

After writing, it’s time to make your book the best it can be. This means checking your work, fixing mistakes, and ensuring everything makes sense. Sometimes, you might want help from fiction writing services if you’re telling a story. They can give you advice and help make your story stronger.

Design Your Book

A book needs a cover and a nice layout inside. The cover is super important because it’s the first thing people see. You can be creative and make your own or ask a professional for help. For the inside, your book should be easy to read and look nice on the page.

Find Book Publishers

This step is a bit different in self-publishing. Instead of looking for a company or to Children’s Book Publishers to say yes, you’re looking for a platform to share your book. There are many websites where you can upload your book, and people can buy it as a physical copy or an eBook. You choose where you want your book to be available.

Set Your Price and Publish

Decide how much your book will cost. Think about how much you spent to make it and how much people are willing to pay. Then, once everything is ready, you hit publish! Your book is now out in the world for everyone to read.

Promote Your Book

Just because your book is published doesn’t mean you’re done. Now, you need to tell people about it. Use social media, tell your friends, and maybe even make a website for your book. The more people know about your book, the more they will read it.

Publishing your book yourself is a big goal but also very rewarding. You can make all the choices and see your name on a book. Plus, you learn a lot along the way. So, take it one step at a time, and don’t give up. Your book has something special to share with the world.

Marketing Your self-published book

Alright, your book is out there! But how do you make sure people know about it? Let’s talk about sharing your book.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool. Share your book on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other platforms you like. Show off your comic book cover, share snippets from your book, and tell stories about how you wrote it. This makes people interested and excited to read your book.

Create a Website

Having a place where people can learn more about your book and you is a good idea. A website can be that place. You can post updates, write blog posts, and even sell your book directly to readers. It’s like having your little bookshop on the internet.

Reach Out to Book Bloggers and Reviewers

There are people out there who love to read and talk about books. Find these bloggers and ask if they would like to review your book. If they like it, they’ll tell their readers about it. That means more people hear about your book.

Join Book Fairs and Events

If there are book fairs or writing events near you, go to them. You can meet other writers, sell your books, and discuss your writing goal. It’s a great way to connect with people who love books.

Remember, marketing takes time and patience. It’s about telling your story and sharing your book with as many people as possible. Don’t get discouraged if it seems slow at first. Every big book out there started with just one reader.

The Role of Professional Services in Self-publish

When you make a book yourself, you sometimes need a little help. This is where professional services come in. They can do things you might find hard or don’t know how to do.

Editing and Proofreading

Even the best writers make mistakes. An editor looks at your book and helps fix any errors. They also advise on how to make your writing better. This makes your book easy and fun to read.

Cover Design

The cover is super important. It’s the first thing people see. A good cover makes someone want to pick up your book and read it. Professional designers know how to make covers that catch the eye.


Your book needs to look good on the inside, too. Formatting means setting up your pages so they’re easy to read. This includes choosing the right font, spacing, and margins. If your book will be an eBook, it needs special formatting to work on eReaders.

Ghostwriting Services

Sometimes, you have a great idea for a book but need help writing it. Ghostwriting services are when you hire someone to write the book for you. You tell them your idea, and they turn it into a book. Your name goes on the cover because it’s your idea, but the ghostwriter does the writing work.

Marketing and Promotion

Getting the word out about your book can be tough. They can help with social media, ads, and getting reviews. This helps more people find out about your book.

These services can cost money, but they make your book the best. Remember, you don’t have to do everything alone. Getting some help can make a big difference in your book’s success.


Can I self-publish for free?

Yes! You can self-publish your eBook for free using various online platforms. Costs may arise if you opt for professional editing or cover design.

How quick is self-publishing?

Self-publishing can be quick, depending on your readiness. Once your manuscript is edited and formatted, you can publish it within weeks.

Is hiring professionals necessary?

It’s not required but recommended. Professionals like editors and designers can enhance your book’s quality, making it more appealing to readers.


So, you see, making a book yourself is possible. It’s a fantastic goal, from writing your first words to seeing your book in people’s hands. You’re the boss of your book. You make all the choices, like what goes on the cover and how much to sell it for.

Remember, some people and services can help if you ever get stuck. Whether it’s improving your writing or getting your book out there, you’re not alone. And when you hold your book for the first time, all the hard work will feel worth it.

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