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How to Self-Publish Your Book in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide


Stepping into the world of self-publishing can make you feel nervous. Whether you’re an experienced author or a growing writer, the dream of holding your book is universal. 

In the UK, the rise of self-publishing has offered authors an exciting alternative to traditional publishing. 

And guess what? 

You can be part of this.

First, let’s start by ending a common myth. Many believe that self-publishing is a complicated way. On the contrary, the process is fairly simple, but when you are provided with a comprehensive know-how of the steps. 

So here we are, with a comprehensive guide on how to self-publish your book in the UK:

How to Self-Publish Your Book in The UK

Write Your Book

The foundation of any self-publishing journey is the manuscript itself. Writing your book is the first important step. Think of it as building a house. You wouldn’t start with the roof, right? The draft is your foundation. However, finishing the draft is just the beginning.

After letting out your ideas, stepping back and taking a breather is essential. After this pause, approach your draft with fresh eyes. This is where the magic of revising comes in. Here, you reshape, refine, and polish your story. But don’t stop there. Go deeper into editing. Check for grammar, continuity, and flow. The aim is to polish your manuscript until it shines.

Your book is a reflection of you. And like any craft, it deserves time and attention. So, before you jump into self-publishing, ensure your book isn’t just good but the best embodiment of your vision.

Choose Your Self-Publishing Platform

The UK has a range of self-publishing platforms. One popular choice is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) because of its large audience. But there are others like IngramSpark, which has a wide distribution, and Lulu, known for being user-friendly.

To decide which one to choose, think about what you need. 

Do you want wide reach or higher royalties? 

Maybe easy-to-use tools? 

Spend time comparing each platform. Look at their features, check the royalties they offer, and read some feedback from other authors. Your book’s success can hinge on this choice, so pick a platform that fits your goals.

Get an ISBN

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) plays an essential role in publishing. Especially in the UK, grabbing an ISBN isn’t just a formality; it’s a smart step. This unique code helps in effortlessly tracking and distributing your written content piece. 

But where do you get it? 

The answer is the Nielsen UK ISBN Agency, the trusted official provider in the land.

Now, while jumping into the self-publishing waters, you might spot platforms handing out free ISBNs. Tempting, right? 

However, a word of caution: owning your ISBN gifts you greater authority and flexibility over your work. It’s about having the reins in your hands.

Design an Outstanding Cover

In the visual world, a standout cover is essential. The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” has been around for a while, yet the cover remains a book’s first impression.

Hiring a professional designer will be a great step if your budget allows. Their expertise can bring your vision to life, ensuring it catches the eye and resonates with potential readers. Many self-publishing platforms offer in-built design tools for those on a budget, providing a range of templates and graphics. 

Whatever option you pick, your cover should be a vibrant mirror to the heart of your story.

Format Your Book

Presenting your book in a reader-friendly manner is essential. Whether it’s an eBook, paperback, or both, your chosen format dictates the reader’s experience. 

Different platforms cater to varied reading devices and preferences. Observing their guidelines ensures compatibility and a seamless reading journey. Many platforms offer formatting guidelines or even dedicated services to assist you. The goal is a polished, professional-looking book, whether read on a Kindle, tablet, or as a printed copy.

Set Your Price

Pricing is more art than science. It’s essential to make sure you earn for your hard work. But it’s equally vital to strike a balance. Do some research. Scan the market, particularly books in your genre. 

What’s the average price point? 

Setting a competitive price means you’ll be attractive to readers while ensuring a decent profit. But remember, sky-high prices can turn potential readers away, undermining your efforts.

Publish and Distribute

With everything aligned, it’s go-time! 

But remember, pressing ‘publish’ is just the beginning. Most platforms will run a quick check on your submission. It’s like a quality assurance test. Upon passing, the world becomes your audience. 

But if you’re dreaming big, which you should, local platforms might feel limiting. For a global audience, distribution companies come into play. A common example is the Book Writing Founders UK, specialists in propelling authors onto the international stage. With their expertise, your book isn’t just another drop in the ocean but a wave in its own right.Market Your Book

The journey doesn’t end with publishing

Now, it’s time for the world to know about your book. In the self-publishing landscape, you wear the marketing hat too. Embrace it. Utilize social media platforms, connect with your readers directly, or set up virtual book launches. 

Collaborating with bloggers can also increase your reach. Never sideline the old-fashioned word of mouth; it carries its own weight. The trick lies in consistent networking and engagement.


Boarding on a self-publishing journey in the UK is an empowering experience. It grants authors full control over their work, from conception to sale. The key is to remain informed, stay persistent, and always be open to learning.

Remember, self-publishing is not a one-size-fits-all. It’s a dynamic field with evolving tools and strategies. But, with the right approach and resources, any author can bring their vision to the masses. And now, with this guide in hand, you’re one step closer to making your dream a reality. 

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