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11 Murder Mystery Book Gifts for Superfans

  • |
  • March 19, 2024
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  • 7 min read



Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves reading mysteries and uncovering book secrets?

Mystery book gifts are a fantastic choice!

These gifts can range from thrilling novels to items that enhance the reading experience. In this guide, we’ll explore 11 great murder mystery book gifts that will delight any superfan of the genre. We’ll cover a variety of books and related items that make for thoughtful and exciting presents.

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Classic Mystery Novels

When looking for mystery book gifts, starting with classic novels is a great choice. These books offer thrilling stories that have stood the test of time. They often feature clever detectives and complex plots that keep readers guessing until the last page. Gifting these books can introduce someone to the world of mysteries or help complete a collection for an avid reader.

Classic novels are a cornerstone in a mystery lover’s library. They set the stage for all the exciting twists and turns that newer books build upon. By choosing a classic, you’re giving a book and a piece of literary history. These stories are engaging and exciting, making them perfect as gifts.

Interactive Mystery Books

If the person you’re shopping for loves getting deeply involved in stories, consider interactive mystery book gifts. These books allow readers to make choices that affect the story’s outcome, making each reading a unique experience. They are perfect for someone who enjoys thinking creatively and solving problems independently.

For fans who dream of crafting their thrilling tales, gifting access to Book Writing Services can be inspiring. These services help aspiring writers develop their skills and bring their mysterious stories to life. It’s a thoughtful and practical gift that supports their creative journey.

Mystery-Themed Accessories

Another great idea for mystery book gifts is mystery-themed accessories. These can include special bookmarks or comfortable reading lights that make reading easier and more enjoyable. Accessories like these add extra fun to a mystery lover’s reading time.

Additionally, if the gift receiver likes writing stories, consider the editing service benefits. These services help writers improve their work by correcting mistakes and suggesting improvements. This can be very helpful for anyone looking to polish their writing. Giving this kind of service as a gift can show your support for their hobby or passion.

Collector’s Editions

Consider giving mystery book gifts that are collector’s editions for a truly special present. These special versions of books might have unique covers, beautiful illustrations, or extra content that regular books do not have. Collector’s editions can make a reader feel special because they differ from the books you find in a store.

These editions are perfect for someone who loves their book collection and enjoys having items that are a bit more unique. They look impressive on a shelf and can be treasured for many years.

E-Reader and Mystery E-Books Bundle

A modern choice for mystery book gifts is an e-reader bundled with mystery e-books. This gift is perfect for readers who like using technology. E-readers can hold hundreds of books in one small, light device, making it easy to carry a whole library anywhere.

Learning about book marketing techniques can be incredibly valuable for those who also enjoy writing. These techniques help authors find readers for their books, which is very important. Knowing how to share your book with the world can make the difference between a few and many readers.

Audiobooks and Memberships

Mystery book gifts can also include audiobooks and memberships to audiobook services. These gifts are great for those who listen to their books instead of reading them. Audiobooks are perfect for listening to while traveling, doing chores, or relaxing at home. They bring stories to life with voices, sounds, and sometimes music.

Memberships give access to audiobooks, so the recipient can choose what they want to listen to next. This makes it a flexible gift that provides enjoyment long after the special day.

Board Games Based on Mystery Books

Mystery book gifts don’t just have to be books! You can also give board games that are based on mystery books. These games let players become detectives, a fun way for family or friends to spend time together. They can solve cases and discover the culprit in the game.

Book publishing services might be useful for those interested in creating their own mystery game or book. These services help authors get their books made and out into the world. It’s a great help for anyone looking to share their creative work.

Writing a Mystery Novel Workshop or Course

Another wonderful idea for mystery book gifts is signing someone up for a workshop or course on writing a mystery novel. This gift is perfect for someone with many ideas and who loves writing. In a workshop or course, they can learn how to create their own stories with exciting plots and interesting characters. It’s a chance to improve their writing skills and maybe even write a book of their own one day.

Personalized Mystery Novels

A personalized mystery novel is a unique and exciting option for mystery book gifts. These are special books where the person you give it to becomes part of the story. Their name and details can be woven into the plot, making them the star of their mystery adventure. This fun and creative gift makes the reader feel truly involved in the story.

Personalized books are great for showing that you put thought into the gift. It’s a unique way to combine someone’s love for mysteries with a personal touch that celebrates them as an individual.

A Subscription to a Mystery Book Club

One of the most exciting mystery book gifts you can give is a subscription to a mystery book club. This gift keeps giving because the recipient gets a new book every month! It’s like having a birthday multiple times a year. Each book chosen by the club is a surprise, which makes it fun for someone who loves reading.

Considering services from Book Writing Founders UK might be the next step for those interested in creating their own stories. These experts help new writers build their first books. This can greatly support anyone wanting to start their writing journey.

Mystery-Themed Apparel

Another fantastic option for mystery book gifts is mystery-themed apparel. This could include T-shirts, hats, or socks that feature iconic images or quotes from beloved mystery novels. It’s a fun and fashionable way for fans to show their love for the genre. Whether they’re lounging at home or out with friends, these clothes let them carry a bit of mystery wherever they go.

Apparel like this also makes for a light-hearted and practical gift. It’s perfect for mystery lovers who enjoy expressing their passion for intriguing stories through their everyday style.


We have explored 11 delightful mystery book gifts for the superfan in your life. From classic novels and interactive books to personalized stories and writing workshops, there’s something for every mystery lover. Whether they enjoy delving into detailed plots or crafting their tales, these gifts will bring joy and inspiration. Choose one or combine a few to create the perfect present that keeps the mystery alive!

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