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The 10 Best Places to Write in London

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  • August 9, 2023
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  • 8 min read



In London, a busy city full of history, culture, and ideas, writers often look for quiet and inspiring places to write down their thoughts and ideas. Finding the right place while writing in London can be an adventure, whether you’re a seasoned novelist, a budding poet, or just someone who wants to keep a log of their life. From quiet parks to cozy libraries, London has many places where ideas can flow easily.

This exciting blog will show you the 10 best places for writing in London and take you on a literary tour of the city.

The 10 Inspiring Places to Write in London

Let your mind run wild as we visit these unique places suggested by Book Writing Founders UK, each with its atmosphere and charm.

The Riverfront at BFI Southbank in Southbank


This is my favorite writing place in London, mostly because it gives me a creative buzz, and I can look up from my laptop and see the river. Wi-Fi is free. Lots of room. If you get hungry, there are snacks and a reasonably priced menu. No one will care or notice if all you do all day is drink one cup of coffee. The bar on the second floor of the BFI is also great. It doesn’t get much attention here, though, because I don’t like working on chairs and you can’t see the river.


After work and on weekends, it gets VERY busy. I know that noise bothers many people when working, but I don’t mind. What I don’t like, though, is when people read my work over my shoulder because my table is too full. Night owls like me should put their headphones on and turn down the light on their laptops.

The Book Club in Hoxton, EC2


Oh, it’s so beautiful! I’d love to live here! It’s very cool and, well, it’s called The Book Club, so it’s a great place for writing in London. Wi-Fi is free. Evenings have a lot of events, classes, and other things going on, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the schedule.


It gets very crowded. Closes sometimes during the day because of events, or at least it did on the day I came there ready to write. If you’re easily sidetracked (and you’re not alone), the ping-pong tables won’t help.

Starbucks, W1, Conduit Street


This is the only Starbucks of its kind in London, and it is their flagship shop. With a cool sitting area, comfy sofas, and brick walls, it feels like you should be writing a book in there. We didn’t ask, but there are also many other people who look like writers, which adds to the literary vibe. It’s fine to stay all day and just drink coffee, though that might be saying the obvious. Food is affordable, which is important if you eat there every day.


The sitting area is in the basement, which is not a good place to work if the sun comes out. It gets very busy, so you might have to share your couch and table with others during lunch.

The British Library Cafe in Kings Cross, NW1


It’s made for working and writing in London, with free Wi-Fi, many plugs, and more tables than you can count. If you didn’t know you were in a library, you might think you were in an Apple shop because of the beautiful wall of books behind glass. You can always go to a literary show or two if you can’t think of anything to write. Good food at a good price.


There aren’t any, to be honest. It’s a little hard for me to get here, or I would probably be here every day.

The Woolpack, on Bermondsey Street, SE1

They Offer a real bar experience with free Wi-Fi and a beer garden. For more writing insights, check out our post on how to become a book editor.


It’s a real bar with many original features and beautiful green tiles. Wi-Fi is free. There are a few comfortable seats with much room to spread your work. If you like to write outside, the beer garden is lovely. It’s a great place to work when it’s not busy.


It gets very busy and loud at lunch and after work, even with headphones on. If you’re the kind of person who feels like they have to do things, you’ll feel like you have to buy food when you and your coffee take up a whole booth, and everyone trying to find a place for lunch is looking at you with a suspicious look.

Look, mum, no hands! Old Street EC1


Wi-Fi is free. Great food and coffee at prices that aren’t too high. There were plenty of plugs to charge the laptop. There’s a bicycle repair shop inside, which adds to the cool warehouse style of the place. And maybe useful if you’re riding a bike there.


It’s really loud and always full. People are always coming and going, so the door is always opening and closing. On cold days, this means that everyone in the room sits with their jackets on.

The Booking Office Bar, Kings Cross

The Booking Office Bar in Kings Cross is a beautiful place for writing in London, although it lacks free Wi-Fi. For more writing insights, explore our article on how to write a book about your life.


It’s beautiful, impressive, and makes you feel awe. It’s a great place for writing in London, and if you like couches, you won’t find a better set anywhere else. Even though there are many bad things about it, you should still go at least once.


There is no free Wi-Fi. The staff is just rude, and people who have been there say the same thing. Very expensive. They sent us away at 9:30 am, even though the place was empty because hotel guests could only get breakfast before 10 am.

The Queen Adelaide, Putney SW15

The Queen Adelaide in Putney SW15 is an ideal spot for South West London writers. If you’re interested in marketing your writing, check out our post on aesthetic marketing ideas.


If you live in South West London, it’s ideal. The room is plentiful, and I’ve never had trouble finding a table. Inside is everything good? The beer garden of this establishment is so gorgeous it makes our list. A covered room, blankets, and outdoor plugs are available. This is winning. Or if it weren’t so far away. Since it’s on my way to my mom’s house, I leave early to work here. That is a good idea. It has free Wi-Fi, decent meals, and friendly staff. Check it out if you live there or your mom does.


There’s no stop nearby. It’s not too far. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Putney Bridge and a few more minutes to walk to Putney Rail and East Putney. There are meters, so drivers don’t have the choice to park there before 6:30 pm.

The Wellcome Collection on Euston Road, NW1

The Wellcome Collection On Euston Road, NW1, feels like a creative office and offers free Wi-Fi. Explore more about creativity and writing in our article on what is ghostwriting.


It feels like a creative office, which is great when you’re focused on finishing your book. The bookshop reminds you where all your hard work is going. Even though the picture doesn’t show it, the lighting and free Wi-Fi are cool.


Like all the best places, it gets crowded, especially at lunchtime. There is no music and a lot of talking, so you need headphones. Suppose you like getting up early. You might not like that it doesn’t open until 10 am.

The Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, E1

The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, E1, is a great place for writing with Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, and a modern vibe. For more writing tips, check out our post on how to start writing a book.


It has plugs, Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, and the sound of people working all around you. It looks good and has a modern New York City vibe. It’s also only a few seconds from Shoreditch High Street Station. The food is good and inexpensive, but you would probably go broke if you ate here daily.


It’s not easy to get a table during lunchtime. My advice would be to get there early. Other than that, it’s a great place for writing in London.


With its long past and many different landscapes, there are a lot of places while writing in London. From the elegance of old libraries to the beauty of green parks, each of the 10 best places for writing in London has something different to inspire you. These places invite you into a world where words come to life, whether you’re looking for peace or love the city’s busy energy.

So get your pen, notebook, or PC and head to one of these amazing places to write. Who knows, maybe the next great book or song is just around the corner in one of these magical places in London.

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