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In the romance fiction novel When His Eyes Opened, the protagonist’s fiance wakes up with amnesia and thinks he is still married to his ex-wife. The novel’s protagonist and antagonist are two examples of the novel’s well-developed characters, while the novel’s romance and thrilling storyline have also received high acclaim.

The Characters in Read When His Eyes Opened Novel:

Book Writing Founders UK defines the protagonist Elliot as a heartless tyrant who would never think twice about harming his kids. Also, he doesn’t feel bad about manipulating others to obtain what he wants; he just does it.

While she is a strong and capable lady, the female protagonist is compassionate and independent. That’s why she gave in to her stepmother’s pressure and married Elliot.

Short Summary:

The narrative of Avery Tate, a young teenager whose father faces bankruptcy, is told in the wonderful fiction novel When His Eyes Opened. She marries Elliot Foster, a powerful and vicious CEO, to save her family from going bankrupt.

Avery is a fiercely independent lady who always seeks ways to improve her circumstances. When they first get married, Sarah has low expectations for Elliot. But the more time they spend together, the more she realizes that he’s not as terrible as she first believed. Her interest in, and attraction to, Elliot also seems to be intensifying.

However, Elliot has experienced significant hurt, leading him to construct emotional barriers to protect himself from future pain. And, as is customary, he has set his sights on Avery. But when he finally gives in to his affection for her, he realizes that he loves her for who she is, not what he can take from her.

Later, when they’re both ready to commit to their new romance, they face fresh obstacles that might drive them apart. Explore the challenges faced by fictional couples in our post about what is ghostwriting. Their relationship is in jeopardy due to Avery’s problems, Elliot’s business competition, and Elliot’s numerous hidden past traumas.

The First Chapter:

In the fiction novel, the protagonist’s stepmother first pressured her into marrying Elliot, a wealthy businessman. The reason for this was to save her father’s failing company. And Elliot was the only one who could save her loved ones. But a surprising development occurred.

Avery was forced into marrying Elliot even though he was in a coma throughout their engagement. Her marriage was legal in every sense of the word, yet it was still a little strange. Elliot woke up later and wondered whether he had gotten married during his coma. He warned that he would make Avery’s life tough.

But Elliot is a guy who has been wounded before, so he has erected barriers to keep the pain out. He always gets what he asks for, and Avery is no exception. But as he becomes increasingly attracted to her, he understands that his sentiments are more than simply possessive.

There are a lot of obstacles in the way of the two of them staying together as they learn to navigate their new relationship. Their relationship is precarious because of Avery’s issues, Elliot’s business competition, and the secrets from both of their pasts.

Start of Avery’s Problems:

When Avery saw that Elliot was awake, she was terrified and worried. Dive into the complexities of romantic relationships in fiction in our article on the best recipe writing strategies. She was horrified by Elliot’s vow to deal with her, but she knew she had to confront her anxieties to go on.

She was afraid because she was wrong to marry someone asleep without his consent. Yes, she was coerced into marrying Elliot, but he had no idea and didn’t believe her when she told him. After that, Avery knew Elliot was much less warm and fuzzy than she had given him credit for.

Elliot had awakened four years prior, but only two were over. Avery, on the other hand, has done nothing except shield her kids from their biological dad. She worried Elliot would impart his hate, rage, and hostility onto their offspring.

Avery had no doubts about Elliot’s ruthlessness or his potential harm. To defend her children, she attempted to stop the violence. But her efforts were futile since her kids disregarded her.

Last chapters of the Book:

There are hundreds of chapters in the fiction novel “When he opened his eyes.” The children of Elliot and Avery reached maturity many chapters later. Layla, one of the kids, went out with a man Elliot didn’t like. Elliot knows that Eric is dishonest with Layla and the person she knows.

In contrast, Avery and Layla had different opinions. Avery believed that her daughter, Layla, had made the proper choice. And Layla says she now feels safe with Eric after never feeling that way with her parents. When asked about Layla and Eric, Avery and Elliot gave opposing assessments.

Elliot eventually granted his permission, if reluctantly, and ended the dispute.

As a result of the fight, Layla saw that her father and mother were no longer squabbling over Eric, so she went to her sister for advice. Layla’s older sister Hazel said her sibling’s classmate Eric is attractive and well-liked.

Then Layla was telling that she was not physically in love with Eric. His morality was appealing to her. Hazel tells Layla that Eric has a girlfriend, and she tells that she is aware of this.

Schedule for releasing chapters:

The author published two chapters of a fiction novel ‘When he opened his eyes daily. Occasionally, authors submit only one chapter. The author’s disposition determines the chapter schedule and revisions.

To view the uploaded chapters, visit any online book reading website. You can read some of the chapters for free. Explore the world of online reading in our post about how to share your Steam library with friends and family. Most of the time, you must purchase coins to access the next chapter.


The popular fiction novel When His Eyes Opened takes readers on a journey of love, liberation, and second chances. Discover more about the power of storytelling in our article on how to write a copywriting brief that helps. The novel examines the complexities of love and the transformative force of relationships through the story’s two protagonists, Avery Tate and Elliot Foster.

There are sufficient twists, turns, and expressive moments in the lives of these two characters to engage the audience.  This Book is worth reading because it will profoundly affect your life.

When he opens, his eyes are an engaging, captivating, and suspenseful story that will entice you to continue reading. The author did an excellent job interweaving and integrating the chapters to create a wonderful narrative.

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