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How to Train Your Dragon Book Series: Step-By-Step?


Cressida Cowell’s magical trip into the worlds of Vikings and dragons began when she made the “How to Train Your Dragon” books. 

Cowell added a sense of wonder and discovery to the series by drawing on her youth adventures on a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland. 

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, a hero who seems unlikely and likes to make friends with dragons, came about because Cowell wanted to question traditional hero archetypes. 

Readers who start the book series enter the creative worlds that Cowell first imagined. Also, they find the roots of a story that would win over people’s hearts and minds worldwide.

Overview of the “How to Train Your Dragon” Series

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the cute main character, is at the heart of the “How to Train Your Dragon” series. Hiccup is introduced to readers as the strange heir to the Viking chiefdom on the island of Berk. 

Therefore, he is intelligent, funny, and unique in understanding and getting along with dragons. Hiccup goes from being an unusual hero to a charismatic leader in this series, which tells a story of coming of age that readers of all ages can relate to.

One of the main perspective that experts of Book Writing Founders UK focuses is how the story of dragon training has changed over time. From the first meetings with dragons that Vikings thought were dangerous to the creation of a dragon training school on Berk, Hiccup’s journey shows how the Vikings’ relationship with dragons changed over time. 

Therefore, the story continues as Hiccup and his friends deal with the complicated relationships between dragons and humans.

Step1- Introducing the First Book

1- Setting the Scene on Berk: 

The first book series in the “How to Train Your Dragon” takes readers to the Viking island of Berk, where the story starts. It’s incredible how well Cressida Cowell paints a vivid picture of this rough and fantastical world, getting the essence of Viking life and how dragons and Vikings live together uneasily. Therefore, Berk becomes the setting for the events that happen, creating an exciting storyline.

2-  Meeting Hiccup and Toothless:

In the first book, readers meet Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, an unusual hero, and Toothless, his dragon friend. Also, Hiccup goes against what most Vikings think they should be like with his unusual traits. In the meantime, Toothless, a Night Fury dragon, represents the strange friendships at the heart of the story. 

Therefore, as readers follow their first meetings, the groundwork is made for a solid and loving relationship.

3- Friendship and Understanding

Making friends and understanding are essential in “How to Train Your Dragon,” the first book. Therefore, As Hiccup faces difficulties training dragons and going against social rules, the value of friendship and understanding becomes apparent. 

The growing friendship between Hiccup and Toothless is a strong example of how to get along despite differences.

4- Embracing Differences:

Being open to differences is another essential idea throughout the first book. Hiccup’s journey questions what people think they know about dragons and encourages them to accept each other and work together. 

Also, the story pushes readers to get past stereotypes and see how each character, human or dragon, brings something new to the level. “How to Train Your Dragon” is the first episode of a book series that supports variety and shows how strong it is to accept what makes each person unique.

Step2- Exploring the Expanded Universe

1- How to Be a Pirate? 

The journey into the expanded world of “How to Train Your Dragon” includes books that are not part of the main series but are related to it. “How to Be a Pirate” is a fun addition to Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III’s tales. Therefore, readers of this book can look forward to new challenges, finds, and adventures with dragons.

2- How to Speak Dragonese: 

“How to Speak Dragonese” is another exciting book in the expanded world. This companion book goes into great detail about how Vikings and dragons talk to each other, giving readers a better understanding of the subtleties of the Berk language. 

Readers can better understand the cultural differences. And strange language usage that gives Cressida Cowell’s fantastical world more depth.

3- Visual Storytelling in the “Dragon” Universe: 

The “How to Train Your Dragon” graphic novels take readers further into the expanded world. Through the art of visual storytelling, these beautiful adaptations bring the beloved characters and their journeys to life. Therefore, the book design artistry shows the magic of Berk from a different angle, giving readers a new and more immersive experience. 

4- Artistic Collaborations in the Series:

Cressida Cowell and other artists work together on graphic books as well. The partnerships between artists give a wide range of visual styles, which makes the stories more interesting. 

The book series can captivate readers across a wide range of forms. Because of how well Cowell’s writing works with the visual interpretations of different artists.

Step 3: Hiccup’s Heroic Journey

1- Growth as a Leader: 

Readers go through the “How to Train Your Dragon” books and see the main character, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, grow uniquely. A big part of Hiccup’s brave journey is following his growth as a leader. 

From his humble beginnings as an unusual Viking to becoming the leader of Berk, Hiccup’s story is full of challenges that make him a charismatic and caring leader. The series shows how he changes over time. And shows how strong and determined he is as he learns how to train dragons and deal with the pressures on him.

2- Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned: 

Hiccup’s journey as a hero is full of obstacles that test his strength and character. Also, it tells a story of struggles, victories, and lessons learned. Each problem Hiccup faces helps him grow by teaching him important lessons about bravery and friendship. 

As readers follow the book writing journey that changes him, they become more connected to the character as they see how he deals with hardship.

3- Dragons of Berk: 

The dragons of Berk are an essential part of Hiccup’s journey. Each one has its personality and quirks. Therefore, the emotional depth of the series is increased by the bonds between Hiccup and the dragons, especially Toothless. 


The “How to Train Your Dragon” book series takes readers on a magical trip through the world of Berk, which they learn about one step at a time. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Toothless are set up, and readers are thrown into a world where Vikings and dragons live together in a way that works well. 

The expanded universe, which includes spin-offs, companion books, and comic novels, allows readers to learn more about this fantastical world and opens up new possibilities for the series. 

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