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How To Become An Audiobook Narrator?

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  • May 21, 2023
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  • 5 min read


If you’re looking for a new career path that pays well, has flexible hours, and lets you work from home, becoming an audiobook narrator might be for you. Of course, this is easier said than done. But these tips from experienced narrators and industry experts of Book Writing Founders UK will help you to get started with little-to-no experience in audio production or editing.

Find an agent

Now that you’ve taken the first steps to become an audiobook narrator, it’s time to find an agent. Your agent will help market and promote your work, and they can also negotiate contracts for you.

To find an agent, look online (on both Google and LinkedIn). You can also check out this list of literary agents specializing in audiobooks.

When contacting potential agents, be sure to provide them with information about yourself as well as links to any samples of your work that are available online–especially if those samples feature audio clips from actual audiobooks!

If you don’t have audiobook samples but some audio recordings of your voice, those can also work. Just be sure that the recording quality is clear and professional.

Read the text and practice

The first step to becoming an audiobook narrator is to read the text out loud. This can be done alone or with friends and family, but you must get used to hearing your voice as though it were another person’s.

You may also want to practice reading different parts of the book with different accents or voices. This way, when recording time comes around, you’ll be ready for any part in any voice!

The second step to becoming an audiobook narrator is learning to use a microphone. This can be a big deal for some people, but you must get used to the feel of one before recording time comes around.

Practice saying words and phrases into your mic so that when recording time comes around, you’ll be ready for any part in any voice!

Edit your audio file

The next step is to edit your audio file. This can be done in stages, but it’s best to look professionally at it before putting it out there for the world to hear.

A good editor will help you clean up any problems with your recording quality and ensure everything makes sense when read aloud.

For example, if someone says “the” instead of “they,”.

You may also consider hiring an editor specializing in fiction or nonfiction audiobooks. They’ll be able to give feedback on how well the narrative flows from one chapter into another, as it can be especially important if this is your first time recording an entire book–or even just part of one!

Once you’re happy with your edited recording, it’s time to find an audiobook producer. This person will take your script and turn it into a finished product. They’ll work with you to decide on things like:

  •  Whether you want to use professional voice actors or narrators
  •  How many voices should be in each chapter and more?

Use a good microphone and software

Use a good microphone and software. A good quality microphone is essential to recording your audiobook, as it will make your voice sound better and more natural than if you use a poor quality mic.

Many different types of microphones are available on the market today, but they all fall into one of two categories: dynamic or condenser.

Dynamic mics are cheaper than condensers and can be used for most situations. However, they require more gain from the preamp (or “pre”).

Condenser mics are usually more expensive than dynamics but require less gain from preamps because they’re already very sensitive at their core design.

This means that a condenser mic will generally sound better than a dynamic mic and can be used in more situations. However, they require phantom power and don’t work with the standard input on most mixing boards.

Be professional, but not too perfect

You’re not a professional actor but you should be as good as possible. You’re not trying to win an Oscar, but you should be as good as possible. And if your voice is naturally high-pitched or nasally (or both), that’s OK too. You just want to sound like the best version of yourself possible.

Listen to other audiobooks to learn more about your craft

Exploring different audiobooks is a fantastic way to enhance your skills. Professional narrators offer valuable lessons. Listen to various styles to learn the art. Some narrators might express more, while others have a slower pace and longer pauses.

Absorb these techniques and weave them into your narration—yet remember, balance is key!

Keep your style consistent across all your audiobooks. This ensures that listeners aren’t confused or bothered by changing story tones. Consistency matters, preventing one narrator’s heavy accent from clashing with another’s simpler approach.

To create your audiobooks, options abound. A landline phone connected to a recording device is one choice. Alternatively, if your smartphone has recording abilities, that works just as well. Flexibility allows you to dive into narrating and explore the world of audiobooks.


Becoming an audiobook narrator is about being professional while staying true to yourself. Patience and preparation are key, along with listening carefully to make your voice match the story perfectly.

Entering the enchanting world of audiobook narration calls for skill, passion, and commitment. Aspiring narrators must polish their voice skills and delivery methods. They also learn to express feelings through words, like an artist breathing life into a canvas.

Although this path may seem challenging, budding narrators can create a rewarding career with practice and determination. Their voice animates characters, evokes emotions, and builds a strong bond with listeners, enhancing the reading experience and leaving an unforgettable mark on storytelling.

Now you’re equipped with insights on becoming an audiobook narrator. While it may feel overwhelming at first, by following these steps and putting in the effort, you’ll soon find yourself on your way to joining the ranks of narrators!

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