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David Walliams Books and Reviews



David Walliams, a prolific British author, has surprised the literary world with his exciting and creative books.

From endearing tales for young readers to rollicking comedies, his writings cover much ground. Walliams has captivated readers of all ages with his distinct style of storytelling.

The comedy, likable protagonists, and deep issues in his writings have won him great acclaim. Discover more about his storytelling style in our article about how to say farewell to coworkers. In this investigation, we will explore the enchanting world of David Walliams’ literary inventions and examine the reviews and admiration that have made his books modern classics.

10 Top Famous Books and Reviews of David Walliams:

David Walliams has written ten books that have sold millions of copies and made a lasting impression on readers of all ages. Therefore, with his first book, “The Boy in the Dress,” Walliams showed he had a gift for fusing comedy and pathos.

Children have become interested in reading because of his books, and they are admired for the way they can teach and entertain at the same time.

A Glimpse at Reviews:

  • A combination of “Heartfelt and Hilarious: The books by Walliams uniquely make readers laugh and cry. Explore these heartfelt reviews in our article on what is a journal article. The mix of funny and touching situations is well-received by readers and writers of Book Writing Founders UK.
  • To provide “Entertainment with Substance: Critics frequently point out that in addition to being entertaining, Walliams’ works provide his readers with opportunities to think deeply about concepts like empathy, generosity, and self-improvement.

1- The Boy in the Dress:

This exciting book tells the story of Dennis, a young boy who loves to wear dresses. Delve into the details of this story in our blog post on how to write a letter. Walliams tells a moving story about being yourself with themes of self-discovery, friendship, and breaking stereotypes. Both kids and adults have remembered this story for a long time because of how funny and kind it is.

Review: A beautifully written and moving story that deals with essential ideas understandably and charmingly. Every chapter shows how well Walliams can mix funny and sad parts.

2- Gangsta Granny:

Gangsta Granny is a sweet story about a boy named Ben who discovers that his grandma, who seems to live everyday life, is an international jewel thief. Explore the adventures in our article on how to get your book published. However, they go on an exciting journey together that strengthens their friendship and teaches them important lessons about life.

Review: “Gangsta Granny” is a great mix of comedy, action, and heart.

3- Awful Auntie:

In this mysterious story, a young girl named Stella has to figure out how to deal with her sneaky aunt’s plans. “Awful Auntie” keeps readers wondering until the end with a creepy house, a ghostly presence, and twists they didn’t see coming.

Review: “This exciting story shows that Williams is a master of many different types of accounts. The characters stand out, the story is hard to understand, and the themes of perseverance and justice are admirable.

4- Bad Dad:

In “Bad Dad,” Walliams whisks readers through high-speed chases, audacious heists, and unexpected turns. Also, the story explores themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the pursuit of what truly matters through the perspectives of Frank and his son.

Review: A thrilling and emotional roller coaster showing Walliams’ storyteller range. Bad Dad is an exciting book with emotional depth and nonstop action.”

5- Mr. Stink:

Chloe, a young girl with a golden heart, befriends Mr. Stink, a homeless man, and the two embark on a voyage that challenges societal norms and prejudices. Moreover, this touching tale of friendship and generosity serves as a reminder of the significance of empathy.

Review: “This tale addresses poverty and generosity with sensitivity. So, the narrative by David Walliams is entertaining and thought-provoking, making it an excellent choice for readers of all ages.

6- The Midnight Gang:

In this inspiring story, friendship, bravery, and dreams’ transformative potential all stand out.

Review: An awe-inspiringly creative tale that nails the spirit of childlike wonder, according to the critics. Also, In “The Midnight Gang,” Walliams creates an entertaining story that readers of all ages will enjoy.

7- The Ice Monster:

This tale of companionship between Elsie, a young girl, and Woolly, a woolly mammoth, transports readers to Victorian London. Similarly, “The Ice Monster” is a captivating voyage through time with historical references and themes of adventure and acceptance.

Review: A delightful blend of history and fantasy that concurrently educates and entertains. The skill with which Walliams blends fact and fiction is genuinely commendable.”

8- Demon Dentist:

Demon Dentist delves into the domain of fantasy with a spine-chilling tale about an evil dentist who haunts children’s dreams. Therefore, David Walliams explores themes of bravery and the significance of confronting one’s fears amidst the humor and scares.

Review: “Williams’ ability to combine horror and humor creates a distinctive reading experience.” Therefore, this book is an emotional rollercoaster with laughter, thrills, and an uplifting message.”

9- Grandpa’s Great Escape:

This intergenerational tale follows Jack and his grandfather, a former fighter pilot from World War II who assumes he’s back in the air. Despite aging and memory loss, the duo embarks on a heartwarming journey that demonstrates the unbreakable bond between generations.

Review: “A moving examination of aging, memory, and the tenacity of familial bonds. Therefore, Walliams’ depiction of the relationship between patriarch and grandson is moving and illuminating.

10- Fing:

A “Fing” is a mystery creature that the Widdershins family encounters throughout the story of “Fing.” However, David Walliams tackles severe topics like materialism and the value of enjoying the little things in life with his trademark brand of humor and whimsy.

Review: The reviewer said, “Williams’ trademark humor is front and center in this zany story.” “Fing” is funny, but it also makes you think about what’s truly important in life and how much stuff can’t buy happiness.


David Walliams’ books have stood out as bright gems in the writing world, touching the hearts and minds of readers of all ages. Also, Walliams has proven himself a literary genius by writing stories full of wit, warmth, and knowledge for all ages. The reviews of his books show how good he is at telling stories. Both critics and fans praise his ability to make people laugh, think, and feel real emotions.

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